Look Book

After spending a day doing a photoshoot with my 5 models and photographer, Tess. I created a look book to present my collection in. I created the lookbook using Adobe Indesign and edited the pictures using Adobe Photoshop.


Fashion Illustrations

Here are my fashion illustrations. I am so proud of them. I drew these in Manga Studio so was able to draw croquis (in this case, two) and use them multiple times with different clothing and hair drawn on. I also was able to use the hair multiple times and just change the colour to achieve a different look for each model. Once I had finished each illustration, I put them into Photoshop and inserted a background and my logos and also added a drop shadow to each model for a little but more of a 3d look. I am extremely happy with the results!


Updated Designs

Soooo I changed my mind about my designs. Of course! It’s lucky we were allowed to approach our collections in a ‘random’ fashion when it came to designing. I decided to create a chiffon maxi wrap dress and a pair of leggings which I paired with the satin top I made for myself to wear at Melbourne fashion week plus. Here is my updated CAD drawings for my range

Range Board BOARD.jpg

Outfit 4

I decided I wanted to make a long flowy chiffon dress out of my printed chiffon fabric, loosely inspired by this City Chic dress I saw and fell in love with!


I had been wanting to make something long and flowy out of my printed chiffon all year so it wasn’t like this dress gave me the idea! But it definitely cemented it.

This was my first sketch of the design back in first semester, a hi-lo hooded sheer jacket type garment that would be worn over leggings or a dress:


My new refined sketch in second semester more of a long top now, not hi-lo as the underside of my printed fabric was not very attractive. I was trying to think of interesting ways to minimise the sight of the underside of the fabric. Pic below:


After I made a toille of this design I decided I didn’t like it at all. It sat weirdly and just wasn’t flattering on the body. I decided to just make a maxi dress either in a wrap style or a faux wrap (bodice wrap, skirt just long, maybe with split?) Here is my final sketching and my toille!

Note: please excuse the ugly fabrics! I had to use what was available 😛

design-sketch-3    wrap-dress-toille^ haha work it 😉


Annnd… working on the final product…wrap dress back.jpg

pics of the final product coming soon..

Social Media

After participating in MFWPlus, I decided to create social media channels for Voluptua as a brand rather than using my own personal accounts. I figured this would look more professional and give me a headstart for when I decide to make Voluptua an official brand.

Click the pictures to go to the pages

Vol FB.jpgVol insta.jpg


Melbourne Fashion Week Plus

I was lucky enough to be part of the first ever Melbourne Fashion Week Plus this year! I showed 3 of the looks from my collection. These were some snaps from the runway.

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My models looked amazing in my collection on the runway! I am so proud to have been part of this amazing event alongside amazing brands such as State of Liberty, Courtney Zoh, Nyata and Estelle. What an amazing experience and what a confidence boost! I am really starting to feel like a real designer!

Trade sketches and Mood Board

Below are my trade drawings for my final range. These may end up changing significantly by the end of the year but for now these are the basic plans for the completed range.


My mood board is shown below. It incorporates all of my key themes being the goddess The Morrigan, ravens and Celtic knot-work.

Mood Board Morrigan FINAL