The Concept

There was so much to think about. My dream is to start my own brand of Plus size women’s clothing for a young alternative market. So at first, this was my idea for a collection – design a range suitable for my very own brand. Rockabilly, punk, goth, edgy, fun and flattering that fit bigger bodies.

Later, when I was on my summer holiday at my mother’s house in Queensland, I remembered something that our 3rd year design teacher had said when she was explaining the brief: pick something you can write about. We had to write an essay and a blog (yes this one!) about our collection and concept, so make sure it’s a solid idea and there is plenty to write about. What can you write about an alternative range? Hmm.. I began to think my idea wasn’t a very solid “concept” – it may look cool and may even sell well but.. it’s been done and there is no much of a story behind it. I felt a little deflated.. but not for long. I looked over at the pile of Celtic books that my mum had borrowed from the library that I had been thumbing through earlier. “What about a celtic range..? I have Scottish ancestry!” I decided to make a mind map/pros and cons list to help me decide.


In the end it was the Celtic range that won. I had also decided that I wouldn’t do a plus size range as it would make it very difficult for myself. Also, as third years, we have the opportunity to apply to be in the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) Emerging designer fashion show and they don’t allow plus sizes *heavy sigh* So, standard size 10 it was.

I began reading, then sketching and ideas started flowing in and I started to come up with a real concept:

Scottish – celtic – knotwork – mythology – animals – ravens – battle – armor – leather – kilts – tartan – pleats – draped shawls – tunics – draped flowy fabric – drapey + leather – knotwork +leather – knotwork IN leather – leather carving!

I put together a collage to show my design teacher and sent it off to see what she thought.

Her reply stated that she loved my Celtic raven mythology idea which was great to hear so I stuck with it.


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