Outfit One

For my first outfit, I decided to go with a fitted dress paired with a long chiffon underskirt which would be worn with a leather body harness with a feather embellishment to complete the look. This was my first toille:

After viewing my toille on the mannequin, I wanted to see how the underskirt would look over the fitted dress instead. I really liked how this looked so I decided adapt this change.



I added the feature of a waistband/harness that crosses over at the front that will be made out of pleather.

My original plan was to make the fitted part of the dress in black sateen and pleather panels on the side, and the overskirt would be my printed chiffon.

After completing the outer shell of the fitted dress, I just wasn’t happy with how it was coming together. The pleather panels were not playing nicely with the sateen and it was bringing down the look of the overall dress. I decided to scrap this first attempt and swicth my fabrics. Now the fitted dress will be made out of my printed satin and the overskirt will be plain black chiffon. All that was left to do was perfect the fit of the main dress and wait for my printed fabric to arrive from Sydney.

My final toille – a perfect fit. (The snake skin print satin was the most similar fabric available the the actual fabric I was going to use)




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