Outfit 4

I decided I wanted to make a long flowy chiffon dress out of my printed chiffon fabric, loosely inspired by this City Chic dress I saw and fell in love with!


I had been wanting to make something long and flowy out of my printed chiffon all year so it wasn’t like this dress gave me the idea! But it definitely cemented it.

This was my first sketch of the design back in first semester, a hi-lo hooded sheer jacket type garment that would be worn over leggings or a dress:


My new refined sketch in second semester more of a long top now, not hi-lo as the underside of my printed fabric was not very attractive. I was trying to think of interesting ways to minimise the sight of the underside of the fabric. Pic below:


After I made a toille of this design I decided I didn’t like it at all. It sat weirdly and just wasn’t flattering on the body. I decided to just make a maxi dress either in a wrap style or a faux wrap (bodice wrap, skirt just long, maybe with split?) Here is my final sketching and my toille!

Note: please excuse the ugly fabrics! I had to use what was available 😛

design-sketch-3    wrap-dress-toille^ haha work it 😉


Annnd… working on the final product…wrap dress back.jpg

pics of the final product coming soon..


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